Amethyst of Morning

by Medhane

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just a minute till the day gone, aint no one to put that blame on, power forward like im draymond, doing way more, rinse me in the rain lord, leave me out the games, They don’t know me they just know my face yeah they know i’m straight, I can’t feel no way, hungry they was fillin plates, cant assimilate, doley cuz these niggas fake Mama told me know myself i said i been this way, Can’t forget i can’t forgive i can’t commiserate, Put myself in that position had to get it straight, why you feel afraid? spinnin till im in the grave, Funny how they say they with you when they in the way, Funny how they throwing dirt then try and imitate, Why i disengage, people and they bitter ways, I aint been the same, since them niggas did me strange, How you entertained? cant forget this shit a game cant forget this shit a game, i aint wanna play, i ain’t one to play, I ain’t wanna play, I ain’t one to play
Money isn’t everything it changes a lot, lost some partners on my way to the top, say you wit me why you play with my heart ? putting trust in em the way he lost, got you chasing the thought, put the paper up ya wager was off, keep my name from out ya lips u know you saying it wrong, trimming stems these niggas gave me the thorns, made a way at the fork, touching road its best you say what you on, i knew the razor was yours, i kept it going own the day at the dawn, prayed for peace im down for raising the sword in my ways till im gone, they really tried to really take the plate from a don test my faith i cant relate to them songs Been this way from the start these Niggas soft and they afraid when they wrong In my defense they trying taking the ball You put a blade in my heart he hopped the fence they had me playing the wall In my defense they tried taking the ball I see the paint coming off I see the paint coming off I couldn’t see myself in you that put a blade in my heart
squeeze it fresh like fuck the concentrate live a life its hard to complicate too impatient seen the harder way, but the love is nothing ima chase jokers out the deck i got the ace riding waves you get washed away product of my pops and mama grace in the mirror see my father face by the way, i cannot relate seen my name amongst the stars the today nothin like the ones they nominate gotta wait gotta wait, chained my hands but i got out the cage out the cage out the cage squeeze it fresh like fuck the concentrate people come and go that’s just the way it turn, odds was stacked against us but we made it work, main concern was the paper that we made emerge, late to learn, hiding feelings never say it hurt, still search, liberation why they caged the bird, wonder why it sing, never like it seem, sprintin marathons u kno i needed time to breathe, heavy heart im tryna trade it in for lighter things, i’m a sight to see, steady movin like the breeze, tryna run it up and reach the price of peace, acting like it’s free, knew better than that, niggas changin like the weather adapt, we found the treasure never stressin the map, talkin hot but they wasnt ready for that, cherish every second we have, know the time so i let it elapse, set tha trap never meddle with rats, smoke a 7 im clapped. natural wine in the glass, sediment settle fast, ink dry on the paper blood turn in to scabs, thoughts behind my eyes i couldnt hide with a mask, shit shattered cus you left it on the edge!
Card Tricks 02:48
shit shattered because you left it on the edge, karma’s repercussions of the shit i never did, high tide but the water never wrecked the ship, homies said its comin to me so i let it in, live, small compartment of my soul wit every breath i give, miscommunicated sentiment, questioning force of habit, gave you mine like you posed to have it, you threw it back at me, i be faded it ain’t really hard to act happy, catch me smiling when i know they throwing stabs at me, thats just how it is, no surprises had to work my way around a glitch, cut me open hit my brother for the custom stitch, we had nothing but each other got it from the strength, you a light and i’m reflecting it, sometimes i stumble cus i’m hesitant, let you in tell you everything about me, shit is jokes bc you leave me how you found me, i think it’s funny still, i can’t even call nobody cus it’s nothing real, cracked the seal in my slippers like i gotta chill, floating round the crib, new lens, watched the movie i know how it end, know the drought jus had me grateful to see clouds again, what’s it worth? euphemisms can’t convey the way it hurt, speak to momma she gon blame it on the herb, it get darker when you waiting for a word, involuntarily i laid and let it burn, different pain i seen the frame and then emerged, shit so bright
Self Care 01:33
yeah i know how the game played free my dogs locked in the chain gang how they change sides with a straight face? keeping my crepes laced, it aint so easy to maintain, you knew me back in the 8th grade, its funny how they moved when the rain came we could never rock on the same stage, great aim play safe, sum my niggas dont play play he would shake ya hand, and you get you hit on the same day he would take the grams and move em all on the A train had ya girl wit me she aint jackin what they claimed yeah i keep taxin to stay sane, i aint really hear what you say say never with the crowd on away days why you keep playing the same games? niggas want smoke then hide when it take place it’s funny cuz i know what they ain’t sayin prolly why they spin this like beyblades prolly why y'all still in the same place before i take ya dinner I say grace, I say grace
555 02:19
we gotta talk it out, i been through it all i had to walk the miles, knuckles hit the wall i know i lost denial, i really walked the route, all i found in my work, wrote the future in a old verse, pathways lead to past pain, filled my book up to the last page, playing bad games, when you lack faith shit gray, i was up for 3 but it felt more like 6 days, big flame on the torch i keep, karma crossed my street, answers underneath, write it down i’m sharing some of me, i know what i need, blossomed from a seed, sun in reach, honey in my tea, bitter flavors, sit at home stoned no neighbors, need you but no i will not chase you, feel like reggie miller on the pacers, sharpshot no lasers, cut you close like shapeups, told the barber no razor, can’t fade us, natty roots i’m tryna braid up, glad my mama never gave up, still remember where we came from, cold water in a glass, payin rent i need another bag, cop my brother pack cuz he doesnt tax, remember walkin on the tracks tryn piece it back, together cut me deep you couldnt see the gash, guess i needed that, for the growth, cold in London know i shoulda brought a coat, like i didnt know it was frigid, cooked the meal, ate the plate, and i did the dishes, cut my bro and yeah you know they had to give em stiches, whole time we was really doing what they didnt, true and living, key in ignition, driftin, with this bad vision, cash come wit the quickness
words travel its not what you think, heavy weight sit on my heart i start on my feet, the air thinner at the peak its harder to breathe, bob weave, hold gold i barter for peace, rock the fleece in the winter my heart on my sleeve, dust in the wind, stuck to the fence, catch a memory to muddle my grin, muster my strength, off the muscle we recover again, running a blitz, niggas frontin leave em stuck wit a glimpse, cover the tracks, trippin i need something fast, nothing last, leave me lonely then be running back, facts, like water flowing from the tap, burnin rubber till we caught a flat, taxed, tried true, spinning on arrival, seeds blossom and provide fruit, we survive let the tide move, treading water in a monsoon, dusk to the daybreak, in the mirror with the straight face, when it’s traffic we make lanes, walked 100 blocks at the same pace mission to take aim, headed toward collision so i’m keeping my faith safe, same way make change, difficult maintain, middle of the desert couldn’t wait till the rain came, couldn’t
Win 4 01:17
need it right now, sixteen we was smoking white owls, FDR by the east river, school lunch ate free now i need figures, believe in the way we could make it shake, love life, my ride i ain’t trading place, yal was saving face, we was hopping jus to the take the train, breaking gates, raising stakes, war ready watched em play the game, played it subtle and remained the same, thought they had me figured out and had me out the way, a million miles away, turning all my doubt to faith, in the middle of the swamp, i used to count the days, how you grow and go without the pain, shrouded in a shadow when the the power came, dropping flowers on the grave sending praise up, pullin cards callin all wagers, momma did the braids up, planted seeds reaping fruits of our labor, good home city streets raised us, remember brushing tryna get the waves up, kinks won’t lay, how these niggas sleep all day, 730 at the table over page,
Keep Looking 01:51
we used to boil water when the heat was off you was walking round the crib with your sneakers on heard a whisper every time i tried to read the wall most the mirrors really nothing i ain’t see before see it thru, painting feelings seeing clues playing billie in my speakers i could see em brew, blue new fuse now you free to choose like tomorrow never promised but you’ll see it soon see the same, leading know you seeking praise throw a stick into the fire just to see it change feeding flames just a baby when i seen the stage moon reflecting off the snow to let us see the way no shame, reign, gave up the north face swear i heard somebody screamin in the hallway all day cuz i keep lookin for a better way know my blessings took us seperate ways knew what they did but i let em play you politic ima set it straight how they plot on my demise and try to sell me faith bend a little but i never break (x2)
Replica 01:30
wreckage and replicas say what i never was who shot the messenger? know what’s really keeping me safe, if i could smell it in the air know its nothing to say, sometimes i rather disappear than finish whats on the plate, nothing new swear its one & the same, got me standing on my own like Ace, keep it quiet cus i dont like games, when they asked em who they thought might change really wrote my name, and them numbers all i know like rain, watch them plummet get the coke whites stained, walk the mud like you know my game, thinking voices really know my name, head hot niggas know my face, so i had to let it go i’m straight, i could never take an oath id break, let me know im great wreckage and replicas say what i never was who shot the messenger?
Money Tree 01:48
i know how you really feel ribs was touchin none these niggas tried to give me meals old movies for that philly feel watch how niggas turn they back and leave you chilly when its really real my day zeros really with me still One time when i let these niggas get to my achilles heel Bet it won’t happen again Freed my nigga now he back in the pen Shit a trap but we win, we win, Get these niggas off my back they tryn act like we friends Know that nigga tellin lies because he act like he did Shit he Act like he do, Since a baby out my mama been attached to the truth Donny back in the booth Yeah i saw what they was writing what they actually do? You ain’t see me in a minute but i’m passionate too Why they ask for the kid Niggas runnin round my city but we laugh at them kids Cuz ion wanna speak Niggas love to talk down Niggas love to reach Like we ain’t make that whole style niggas running with Keep it going tho, Niggas know i love to see it Nothing free I just got some different blood in me It’s a couple you’s but it’s only of me try and keep it cool but that’s how it’s come to me on my feet, all i see is what’s in front of me what u need? I was lookin for a money tree try keep it cool but that’s how it come to me Nothing free all i see is what’s in front of me on my feet I was looking for a money tree


thank you.


released May 28, 2021

produced by Medhane, emil, Crooklin, Ohbliv, Super Miles, Nicholas Craven, Alexander Spit, Bluezy, and Grimm Doza
mixed and mastered by Joe Visciano at Bunker in Brooklyn


all rights reserved



Medhane Brooklyn, New York


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