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Cold Water

by Medhane

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awake for days, moving thru the maze, stargaze, scarred frame, working till we saw change, short days, i could feel the floor shake, to faith, standing at the gate couldn’t wait, the way, problems on my plate, for fake, father face, in my ways, know the pain, feelin great, grip the grain, feel the rain, feelings change, feelings fade, all the same, we gon take it all the way, off the strength, off the strength
No Cap 01:20
used 2 be the nigga in the back stayed down most these niggas is cap, snakes slither in the grass kept mine clipped, wake at 7 by 12 smoke 5 spliffs, climb as the clock tick constant, like water out the faucet i remember august, heavy grabba got me nauseous, trippin neva fallin, had 2 let the thoughts in, early mornin, rock the 95s or the forces, tape got these niggas talkin, kno we on it, workin while they talkin, ball in my court, my lil sister growin so u know who its 4, pharoah on my chain, battle with my faith, fuck the pigs free my niggas out the chains, just the other day that i couldnt feel, nothin real, took a minute for them cuts to heal, scarred still, if its hidden time is gon reveal, really in the field, look at what we built, need them hunnid bills, incense burnin, smoke trail thru the curtains, head spinnin world turnin, jus a person, i b faded 2 much, know my feelin ion say em 2 much, made it thru months in the pit, really used to overlook the pit and u dipped, thats what it is an its all love, but i wont pick up the phone when the call come, cuz im already knowin, summer ended and its already snowin, where u goin?
Late 02:06
head really spinning hear my soul speak i listen times different, sun blinding my vision seen the end at the beginning so you know that we winning you cried rivers when i dipped in that deep water tryna swim holdin on to strength lost grip movin wit the wind seekin truth within reminisce when i miss mine peace reside where the bliss lie know it’s different on the flip side spent time tryna cut the grief shit was bleak, wore my armor but the cuts beneath cut me deep in the rain, mist in my face through the pain maintain give thanks for the time remnants remain on my mind find faith hit my brodie crib just to fix the mindstate sittin by the window middle of the day, thankful for the sun, feet was in the mud hold me up if its love baby you dont need to front baby need some love baby niggas testing trust lately bud take me out peep the route, need it now on account of the work, walk the earth ready 4 the worst know my worth all i learned in this pertinent hurdling fear, first to appear made it clear, clean air still breathe, seen the struggle but im still me
All Facts 02:16
was riding passenger, thru the city me and navy wrote the passage up, where the passion was, i was over there, ducked off, kept some hope to share, kept the motive clear, walking up the stairs, packed it with my pride never known the fear, whisper in my ear let me known sumn, rock the beef & broccolis when the snow come, had to roll up, grabba and the kush, brodie on the corner like the rook, how it look, how it feel, love real, know i broke it down to build, holdin down the field stand firm hold the blessings even tho my hands hurt, faded on the curb, with my head in my hands, give thanks nigga treasure my fam, shadowboxing devil tryna dance, not again, in the wind, purpose and a plan, all i had to give, thinkin as i ash the spliff, i aint get to build the bridge i was in my head, 2 weeks in the hospital bed, mind moving weird, crazy that i made it through the year, switched gears, smoke was in the air, brodie told me focus till its clear never known the fear, kept some hope to share
New Drip 01:57
coulda really went crazy, seen the plays so these niggas can’t fade me, let the soul take me, on the daily, holdin on to grace seen shit change, in the traffic took some passion an i switched lanes, knew the way whole time, sun shine in the sky, dial the number when i miss mine, between the peace and war it’s a thin line, and we could see it all know the bliss mine, think i need some more but the spliff fine, thinkin while i sip wine try and unpack, collector hit my line i ain’t ever call back, telfar bag hold the jacket and the pack, wha t’s the facts, what’s the math, momma love me and i love her back, got me everything i wanted when the summer passed, so you know i’m on a mission to refund the past, yea i know the secrets and i keep em under wraps, young and eager we was tryna make them hunnids stack, smoking gas, in the black air max walking from the past, they felt my energy and fell in love with that, on my body i be tryna play cool, head spin like a dreidel, get it cuz i’m able, highed up tryna stay stable, used to work the job fuck the break room, packing out the venue had to make room, everything i say true, in the mirror when i face truth
Live! 02:18
image shifted when i looked, crossed the river took my feelings i pushed, made a way, against the grain, fan the flame thats within, stay wit my kin show my face wit a grin cuz they lov when u frown, blessin when the sun come around hold me down, its different in my town, out in london in the clouds know its been a while, shorty love 2 see me smile hope my mother proud, solid ground raised, we surmount pain, when its bout faith, what the count say? know the route changed - high stakes, really seen shit i dont say, smokin spliffs grabba in the J, strong spirit fuck is niggas sayin? know i miss u and i feel ya pain, im a starter when im in the game, no umbrella had 2 feel the rain, love my brothers but i seen em change, for the better, remember we was young and niggas couldnt measure? december, heard the whispers cus i built the stress up, had 2 feel the tremors, now its lookin better, once i picked the pen up
clean slate when i flipped the page, talk with brodie bout the pain know its been some days, goin thru it neva break, insight came from experience, and many spliffs, in the crib tryn get a grip, lessons was a testament, let the blessings in, brodey called he checking in, ties hurt me so i severed them, many moments i jus cherish them, can’t forget shit like the elephant, when the temperature dropped i had to get to the guap, watch the clock, you in a glass house throwing rocks, you should stop, heard the news and i wasn’t shocked, planted seeds and reaped the crops, in the spot highed up, these niggas ain’t nothing like us! frontin like you feel it? strong mind, strong body, calm spirit, ancestors talk to me and i listen, really on a mission, fuck the judge and the jurisdiction, empty the prisons, empty clips with every written, competition? the god gifted! time ticking, distance thousand miles away you prolly missed it, you prolly did it for the metrics, you prolly switching, tryna copy wisdom, trippin, need the fee like it was copywritten, malignant lines, get in line, swear it’s mine, on a dime, what you find? what’s the prize? message underlie every rhyme blessings in the sky all the time (navy blue) Back to life Back to reality I can’t be mad at me Not a casualty A bird bath to flap his wings press the button Psychiatric pleads past the needs of seeking of help mental health was nothing that we learned as seeds I had to learn the ropes cuz tying ropes is a such a lonesome spell repelled by Gracious days await awake I couldn’t tell, stories circulate, we all got a sister Nell , I know the system smell it reek of death , tones of sadness when I panicked couldn’t yell , couldn’t manage my damage gods planet was the purpose living well , the globe is just star you couldn’t tell ; I couldn’t tell stories , well worried bout her brothers health , the sun is shining through the glass freedom taste is feather weight , my head on straight , face the trauma head on , the hand to take the head off / deeper breaths to get calm quicker I ring alarm , can’t be alarmed , I sit still as I can be , my palms open , left my worries in the moment now I need to focus, My courage worthy noted times we been the brokest , but how I never noticed ?! My eldest sister kept this ship afloat I hope Paloma hear this ... from loving you the hardest to the shit I couldn’t deal with A period I can’t remember well , I banished them my phantom limb my baby sister love my sisters gotta listen more , I search explore the hurt , my purpose soar i was MIA, runnin from the trouble y’all was in my way, swear we all been thru it had to get my faith, make my way
Na Fr 01:49
making time for myself, tried to play me with the cards that they dealt, all this grabba putting scars on my health, nother notch on my belt, earned stripes thru the trauma i felt, sippin slow i ain’t show it but it been thru the most, it took a minute just to get in my glow, love my brothers so i’m letting em know, wasn’t with me so i’m letting you go, winter was cold, the righteousness depend on ya soul, fuck with shorty cuz she bold, phone home in a crisis, strong melanin i shine when the light hit, aligned with live niggas timeless, hear the verse and they rewind it, my reach the widest, see the snakes and they disguises, peeped the science, riding, tryna find it, supreme timing keep me climbing to the peak, horizon in my reach, when i was young i used to speak, was taught to teach, need a few before i leave feel the breeze underneath, my spirit clean, need the chips and cream, gotta let it bleed, gotta let it breathe, bold lettering, on to better things
cant sit in the same spot gotta move standin still never changed much instilled with the greatness my reminder, my soul hold my fathers fire kno tomorrow brighter, burnin rubber on the road i learned that lettin go leave some feelings to b told runnin 2 tha goal yal was in my way live niggas it never break heavy hearted they got featherweight i was in it everyday couldnt leave the crib left the country got this bracelet on my wrist pointing towards the bliss white wine in the fridge ima pour it out and sip paper was a bridge to my innermost cant express em where them feelings go? if its love then u should let me kno weavin round the metronome say that i could never fold watch my step, know i got my strength, had 2 decompress, 4 some peace again (jadasea) a lot on my mind It ain’t ever over Ain’t been sober in over I feel me getting colder I feel me getting further From the things That I was searching I feel like nothing was for certain Tryna make it work Asking questions wit no answers For em, tryna learn em Ripped the pages couldnt turn em Beneath the surface Best of times i seen the worst shit That’s the way it works I see it clearer As I’m closer To my final verse I couldn’t find the words Had to watch my step On the curb It ain’t even yet Not even yet Had to watch my step keep my word Close to the edge Had to watch my step Had to Watch my Gotta watch my......
Truth & Soul 02:17
too tall for the frame walk thru the rain shit change give thanks break the hinges off the gates in my ways remember all the days feeling numb up till we seen the sun turning minutes into months trust, seen times strain ties i’m trying same time in the grind stress stuck on my mind, it remind me i’m here blind we aware feed the fear then it grow provoke hope, thru the lows i could see the gold, keep it close demons screamin tryn hear my soul let you know really bleeding gotta let it go weather cold, walking on my weathered soles, know we ten toes swear it’s like my second home never know till i told you can’t let it hold you just that shit we go thru back and forth pass the torch finding thoughts time for war guide the lost memories of loss, peace precious preface the pain cherish the faith hold weight shit different, still building can’t forget the feeling my mission try healing clock ticking im willing dreams sitting on the surface shit you can’t purchase
spinning thru adversity letting go of all that burdens me, hurdling uncertainty, solid as the earth beneath us, know the world my teacher, seen the plains in the east we was sending peace up, mix the grabba with the reefer, blow it in the sky took time just to find lil peace of mind, need mine steep climb brodey on my side pulling cards cutting ties, searching for that reason why, grapple wit the pain, seen a way thru the maze drifting thru the day, i know niggas hide intentions been peeped the game, cross the country seen the sun when i needed faith spliffin thru the day light break, bending thru the prism, connect wit live niggas cuz i kept some wisdom, on a mission since the sandbox, i ain’t winning if my mans lost, couple niggas i was there for couldn’t do the same, shit was fuckin wit my brain left it up to faith, world turning, pop told me while i’m living find purpose, well versed in this shit, perched on a cliff with the eagle sight, might light the abyss, till then i be in the mist, i be in the wind (maxo) Leaf spiral off the tree Thinkin bout what I need from this life Racks just to keep a cheese Pack tucked in the fleece Body flowin thru streets Had to learn just to move on Had to pick and choose what ima keep Womb really made a king, Thoughts runnin through my mind Why the other side really seem green Tears drying on my sleeve Lids fried when I peeped How this shit so cold with no breeze Both arms ‘round me Cards shuffle in my hand Seen a Ace sitting right in between Knowing they aint fooling me Knowing you aint fooling me 4 corners gon speak to me In times a nigga had to grieve Took him right in front of me Booked him right in from of me Seeing how this shit go another Nigga gon be on channel 3 I just need a in between it jus need a in between i jus need a in between i jus need a in between why we the enemy why we the enemy why be the enemy no you cant get nothing from me less i know your face
I'm Deadass 01:42
tryna settle down, stepping thru the clouds, kept heru around, feet solid on the ground, my spirit loud, stood firm, notice what i put first couldn’t hurt more, had to work towards peace, in the stussy fleece, through the breeze, flew to the east and i seen it, never knew that i could reach it, show me love when i feel defeated, been a minute shit been decent, i ain’t heard a whisper from a demon, got 2 the peak and i looked at the sky, know ima get it if its mine, took time, can’t hide what’s the behind the eyes, grip the prize, in my mind spinning, cuz these times different, driftin strong vision, many bodies one mission, pour a 5th and reminisce, me and bliss, got these niggas sick, i was by the bridge, when the trauma hit, smoke a lot of spliffs, Q gone quick, had to cop a zip, never not widdit, for the chips imma grind, imma live ima climb, unwind off the wine, told my mama i’ll be fine, saw the signs, had me in a bind, long ride it’s all mine
mama said listen when they send signs listen to the universe to get mine remember times i couldnt find it put my faith right in the science form alliance with the livest globetrotting, really tryna see it all seen a little but i need more niggas play and we score up 3 floors what it cost in my thoughts restless relentless fire from the pen tip reflecting on the way the stress hit between boulders most these niggas be vultures we bolder niggas fold jus like folders these moments mean more to the kid know we all reminisce get it how i live, crossed the bridge saw the cliff scales tipped toward me on me, fighting till we all free on mine need a little bit to call mine long grind everything was on time ones we lost in the sky kush in my eyes faded in the stuy when i realized it was time to find mine i shine star shooting, graduated still a student mangle language cuz im fluent ruthless when the shoe fit u wear it apparent that i set the standard stretch the canvas on Atlantic in transit, standing on faith brace walking wit the grace, chase change clean but im stained what u sayin? clean but im stained still sane in the game what u sayin clean but im stained what u sayin? in the game still sane still stained what u sayin? in the game, clean but im stained what u sayin? standing on faith, brace, change with the faith
everything i seen made me what i am, need that trophy in my hand and 100 bands had 2 get it out the dirt so we understand doing what they cant, once again we win against odds taking steps forward im tired i press on, smokin cess; strong that money gon test bonds tell me when to start gaze at the stars 4 reflection penning my sentence days i couldnt mention feelin dejected asking all these questions, seeking a message blessing that i cherish straight off the merit made my investments, saw the return crossed the earth lit my fire now i stand on my word let the water quench my thirst coolin in the sky couldnt lie ima get if its mine every time swear im peepin every sign spliffs and wine why im high all the time? doing fine, early mornin when i rise steady grind know i shine bright, niggas getting sideswiped book me for the right price really had 2 climb heights maneuver thru the night gettin thru it when i write moving thru the time wrote the truth it rhymed niggas lying thru they teeth play 4 keeps zip inside the fleece, get me free let me breathe let me be if its love then let me see memories trickle in in the cold shivering, let my niggas in memories trickle in strong spirited, let my niggas in in the cold shivering
On Me/You 02:40
mama saying slow down, i be using everything i know how, bottle hope now, send it to the sea, learned to let go, let it be, memories, why i never sleep? high! set the fee fuck a lesser dream, i’m a lion i’m a king, was out at hell’s gate i was really sending peace, heaven reach medhane every time, me, mike, navy, nate, maassai key enter the lock, fuck the cops free the guys, they could never cage my mind, look at the time, toe the line between sanity and anguish, everyday shit, love my granny she the greatest, if it was you and me truly never trading places, treat a issue like a spliff you know i face it, complications really be basic, high PH shit, never IPA sip, espolon wanna be my favorite, needed water and some patience, you know how the maze is, spinnin thru the changes, gang be on the same shit, we be chillin yall be racin, if it’s on me on you, different when the sun come thru we jus wanted some truth, who gon' catch me when i stumble?


thank you to everybody who played a part in this project. thank you to everyone who pulled up to the crib, everyone who is patient with me, everyone who has taught me a lesson in life. thank you 2 keiyaA, Navy Blue, Maxo, and Jadasea . thank you ohbliv, AFB, Playa Haze, Alexander Spit, Chuck Strangers, Navy Blue, Super Miles, Stoney Willis, iblss, and Bori . thank u 2 Aint Wet, Elijah Maura, and Nelson Bandela for helping me bring my vision to life with the fire videos !!!


released May 26, 2020

recorded in brooklyn and london October 2019 - February 2020

featuring KeiyaA, Navy Blue, Jadasea, Maxo

production by ohbliv, AFB, Playa Haze, Alexander Spit, Chuck Strangers, Navy Blue, Super Miles, Stoney Willis, iblss, Bori

cover shot by Nathanael Cox
water poured on Medhane by Abraham El-Makawy of AINT-WET
mixed by Mike Bloom


all rights reserved



Medhane Brooklyn, New York

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